Monday, January 5, 2009

knit together

One of the things that has happened since becoming the (single) mother of twin boys is that I've found it very challenging to keep up with some of my most cherished friends.

Today, nearly 5 months since the day of their birth, I read a blog post that brought me to tears... please check out this post that celebrated the completion of an amazing feat of knitting and its connection to us. This is all the more poignant for the daily journey that accompanies both of our stories - hers being a long-term struggle and daily triumph over CFIDS, and mine the unlikely set of circumstances, losses and victories that have bought me into motherhood. She may not always perceive her story as victorious, but believe me, it is. She in a support and inspiration to countless people, and over the years has taught me how to be a better friend.

And while I'm celebrating friends, let me send a shout out to jencat - I want her to know that I did get her message and just haven't had time to respond! I've had a string of unresponded-to emails, for which I feel regretful on a daily basis... If you are among them, please know that your messages are tucked warmly in my heart and eventually I will get back to you - somehow... sometime...


  1. Celeste - no worries from jencat! I know exactly what you mean about being busy! (I SHOULD be washing bottles right now!) Gotta run, V is crying!

  2. oh, I'm so thankful you get to experience this part, too... sweet friend.... because now I'm sure you understand my lapses in communication x2.
    you are SO LOVED.
    I'm just so thankful you are able to carve out enough time to post about your day to day. I read & come back just to see the pics again & again. Blessings, Mama!!

  3. OH my gosh, I just read the link... how incredibly sweet!!