Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a little sunshine

While it's true we've had nearly constant rain for the past couple of weeks, and our little household was stricken by a really terrible, long-lasting virus, for me, in the midst of this, things have begun to feel a little sunnier. I had my SSRI increased again a few weeks ago, at a time when I was beginning to feel like this particular drug wasn't going to work at all, and almost immediately I felt a shift.

I really can't express fully enough just how vastly different I feel, and what a relief it is to not be spending my days with terrible, depressed thoughts rattling around in my head, making me feel miserable about myself.

I'm slowly getting things back together... but things are good. :)


  1. Good Morning ~

    You have a wonderful blog...honest and interesting and pure delight. Glad you are feeling better.

    I will visit again and often.

    Smiles ~ Ramona