Friday, May 30, 2008

another try

OK, so the last photo wasn't a side-view, and boy, you guys called me on it! We took some more photos today, but um, the belly is undergoing some weird transformations... specifically, it's a little "boxy" right now, as Laurie put it. I'm rather self-conscious about it, so you can have the best of the lot... I'm also in this horrible phase of the short hair grow-out. The cute little peanut is Ruby.

The soreness of a couple of days ago was due to over exertion, I think. I'd taken a little walk into the village, which was great, but then the return was way too much. I'm feeling so much better now, especially after taking the bath of a lifetime last night.

In other news, I met with a new care provider today - a homebirth midwife team. It went really, really well, and I'm thinking seriously about switching from MFM. They listened to my whole history, and I have full trust that if they were concerned, they would not take me as a client. If you want to learn more about obstetric/midwife care in the US, definitely take a look at the new documentary "The Business of Being Born." You can rent it almost anywhere, and Netflicks has it as a "Watch Instantly" movie.

Tomorrow morning, there's a spring sale hosted by the local Moms of Multiples group here in Portland... a very exciting event indeed! We're going to head over in the morning to check out the goods. I'm hoping to score a double stroller at the very least. Wish me luck!


  1. You look great!!! We're going to watch that movie tonight...I'm looking forward to it.

    Go early to the sale. I was shocked at how crowded our local MoM group sale was. Hope you land some good stuff!

  2. That's awesome - and you don't look boxy. :) The midwives here in Portland are all pretty dang stunning. I loved mine!


  3. you look fabu! and your accessory is adorable! :D

  4. I think you look amazing and I am so happy that the boys are keeping you distracted with their movements. Please try to buy something for sleeping on this week. It will be critical for you to get good rest in the coming months!
    we will talk more later about the midwife and the ale. good shopping! -mem

  5. You are GORGEOUS!!! And awesome news about the midwives and the sale, and I'm so glad you're feeling better :) I was a bit worried about you!

    ((((HUGS)))) and love to you!! And give Rubeleh a smooch for me :*

  6. You do look amazing.

    I'm in my local Mothers of Multiples club and the sales are fantastic. Especially for those first years. Good luck!