Sunday, May 25, 2008

popular demand

Look - PHOTOS!

Here you have it - 21w, 3d! Not the "traditional"side-view style photo we've been getting, but we were out and about today with our hosts, and Laurie and Phil, when Laurie captured me, Maria and Swatchy waiting for breakfast.

Finally, here are Zeus and Oden (new gestational names, compliments of Maria!), from their 20 week ultrasound. Alpha put on the better show that day, and we were lucky to capture a really cool still of him with his two wee hands up near his face:

And here's Beta... in a not-so-glamorous profile pic. You probably have to be an ultrasound tech to discern his little face...

Here's the shackteau - the little cabin we're staying in at our friends' house:

I stole this last one from Laurie's camera, so if you see it repeated on her blog, you'll know why!

That's a wrap for tonight - these babies are kicking, now that mama's sitting down, and it's making me have to pee!


  1. You look great! And happy!

    I love the little pictures of Alpha and Beta...too cute.

    Thanks for your reassurances in my blog. It's so nice to know I'm not alone!

    I need to work on getting some frontal pictures, too.

  2. the shackteau is cute! and you look just lovely for someone who has waited a long time to have that look! hope the boys are being nice to their mama. love, mem-mae

  3. Yay!!!! I LOVE seeing these kinds of posts ;) :-* Good to see you're well. Thinking of you lots... *loves*

  4. I think you might just be the cutest pregnant person ever.