Monday, December 22, 2008

text only

Hello from the land of dial-up! Shoghi, Maxwell and I safely arrived in Massachusetts on Wednesday, after a long and harrowing ordeal traveling the 3,000 miles that separate my current home from my childhood one. Harrowing for me - fortunately the babies fared very well through the whole ordeal.

But before I launch into my newly-acquired tips for traveling alone with infant twins post, I just want to get a little caught up on the exciting events effecting other members of my family! (drat! Max just woke up! I'll keep this quick and then hopefully come back with a more complete post later today or tomorrow.)

Laurie was just published in a book! If you know my sweet sister, be sure to visit her blog and congratulate her on this most auspicious event!! She might still have some of the cards that were selected for publishing in her shop.

OK, I have to quickly address Max's hungry tummy or we're going to be in trouble! Sorry for the lack of posting lately - as you'll know if you check out Laurie's post from today, she and I both suffered the losses of our computers last week. Mine is back in Portland, being looked at by a generous friend. We'll see if it's salvageable.

Tata, my friends!


  1. There she is, my sweet sister, catching those precious dial-up moments to post about little old me. :)
    C you really are the best damn sister of all time! And I can't wait to see the next post... about you (oh, and those adorable boys, too).
    Thanking you; hearts hearts hearts.