Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hapy New Year!

Well, 2008 will have to go down as my best year yet. On January 10th, the boys were conceived, and of course on August 8th, they came into the world. I moved from Pennsylvania to Oregon, spent many weeks visiting family in Massachusetts, and was the grateful recipient of outpourings of love and generosity that defy description. The boys were born early, but have no lasting problems from their prematurity.

Here's to a wonderful year, and an even better one to come. So much gratitude!!

Oh, and by the way, Shoghi and Maxwell both started laughing this week!! Max on 12/26 (for me!) and Shoghi on 12/28 (for Memere). It's still something that only happens once or twice a day (despite much encouragement), so when it's more regular, I'll definitely post a video. It's completely delightful and miraculous.

And here are some little videos, taken since we arrived here in MA.

"you don't look at me, i don't look at you" - a game shog plays with popi whenever he's on his lap.

uh, oh... you know what this means...

max's funny new sound


  1. Happy New Year! The babies are adorable!!! :)

  2. So sweet! I love the "you don't see me I don't see you" video. Classic :-) Happy New Year to you dear Celeste! May blessings continue to rain down upon you in 2009 and may you be given increasing power and strength to face the accompanying challenges :-)

  3. Happy new year! Maxwell and Shoghi are beautiful.