Friday, March 6, 2009

too much

In experimenting with a schedule for the boys, I'm learning the hard way that it's very easy to do too much. It screws with their sleep, and thus my mind, and therefore we must stick to our schedule.

This morning started off well enough, with the boys snuggling in bed with me until 7:30. We came downstairs, and after their morning nap, we had a chance to sit together in our big new rocking chair.

This afternoon we went to the park. It might surprise some of you if I say that many of my photos didn't come out well because they were too sun-bleached... that's right, it's spring here in the PNW, and we're loving it.

The boys, however only got to sleep sporadically, and so didn't get their afternoon naps, which threw off our whole evening. Blech. It's really hard to figure out how to take them out these days, since they inevitably fall asleep in the car. Anyway, enjoy the photos - I'm off to bed.


  1. I try not to schedule too much on back to back days so even if we do have an off day, we can get back on track the next day. Glad you are enjoying the weather!

  2. Yep - I have exactly the same problem. Last Thursday we went to a meeting in the morning and they wouldn't sleep the whole rest of the day! I try to plan my outings at 4 pm because they never sleep well at that time anyway and I know they'll be going to bed in a few hours! In fact, I think it was Thursday that I took the babies for a one hour drive JUST to get them a little nap... sorry ozone layer! (At least I drive a hybrid...)

  3. 'i'm off to bed'

    giggle. i should be too.

    also finding it hard to get out. *unbelievably* hard sometimes. agh.