Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Schedule, Day 3

Today was a day that would likely end this experiment for many people. Truth be told, if I hadn't made the "public" commitment here to see this through for a week, I might have thrown in the towel after today's failure to discern any progress. I will persist, though... I will call on my Finnish SISU and get through this week with tenacity of purpose.

I have seen no progress or change in sleep behavior of my darling babies. This is exhausting and I daresay a little demoralizing. Shoghi had three 30 minute naps today, while Max had two naps - one was 30 minutes, and the other was 90, but involved 20 minutes of bouncing mid-nap and I had to hold him for a half an hour to keep him asleep. Clearly, this is not sustainable. They were up several times during the night and woke for the day at 6.

Oh, and just now? A Pyrex baking dish just exploded in our oven. With unset brownie mix in it. So much for comfort food after a shitty few days, huh? sigh.


  1. Awww. I am sorry this is going rough. They will get through this. Praying for more sleep for all.

  2. And the brownies blew up too? Nice... You should be proud of yourself that you made it through the day. Think of it as a rite of passage and something you can brag about later... someday you'll be sighing with friends over how you made it through sleep training... you will! That day will come!

  3. Oh mama! i'll make you guys some brownies tomorrow. :)
    just remember. one minute at a time.

  4. hugggggggggggggggggs and more huggggggggggggggs for you dear c and big noisy kisses on the cheeks of each of your two tiny tormentors

  5. by the way...have you ever thought of setting up shop as a photographer? you are REALLY REALLY good my dear.