Tuesday, October 27, 2009

wahm craziness

Oh, my fellow mamas... I am counting on you for a little help and inspiration! How do you do it - from cooking dinner and keeping the floors free of goo, to working an actual job from home without a nanny to entertain the kids - I need some ideas and guidance!

I posted about my quandry on my "professional" blog for Bamboo Village Press and I hope you'll take a peek and leave a comment. Returning to the life or working from home - now as a mama rather than a full-time employee who has a secure income is proving to be quite an adjustment.

I also hope you'll indulge me as I figure out this whole double-blogging thing... I've got half a mind to merge them into one, but I'm just not sure. Thoughts? WWYD?


  1. I'm not sure how that can be done! My cousin does it - she works at night after the baby goes to bed... but being a single mom with twins, when the babies are asleep, you have plenty to do without having to do outside work. I know you know what I mean... the "goo" on the floor, cleaning up dinner, prepping for tomorrow, grocery shopping if you're lucky, putting away toys, folding diapers, cleaning the bathroom, etc, etc!

  2. Gah! I can't even imagine. I'll be interested to hear what advice you get.

  3. Uh, I don't sleep much and I can be really grouchy with my kids!!! I put my oldest two in school this year and if I get any busier I'm going to hire a part time nanny to come and keep my children busy so I can WORK! The babies often hang on my legs and lay under my chair and stare at me until I get off the computer and pay attention to them. ;) I'm lucky, my job is part time working OOH (the actual shooting) and part time in (the editing and business ends of things like email and phone calls, vendors, etc). It's hectic and I'm still learning how to juggle 5 months later! GOOD LUCK!