Tuesday, September 21, 2010

stitchin' for minhas criancas

So, today kicked off elsie marley's kid's clothes week challenge which of course I forgot about. One hour a day, making clothes for the boys? Sounds good to me. I can't wait to begin!

Instead, I'm sitting up with that dreadful combination of insomnia with a side of nighttime wakings. I dosed myself up with some warm milk and a xanax about a half hour ago, so back upstairs I go now. Looks like another 3 hour sleep night for mama. This month has completely kicked my ass in the sleep department, with my average being 4.5 hours.


  1. I ADORE your blog and have to compliment you on your writing. I have twins, too. It's a battle but I often think of how we Mama's get double the love, too. Keep writing when you can. You're page is one of my favs.


  2. Oh the sleep dep is so hard. I wish I could offer some help this week!

  3. Oh man, sounds like double the problems - you can't sleep and the boys are keeping you up too?! I hope this passes soon... good luck, mama!