Thursday, February 25, 2010

a taste of spring

Here in Portland, the daffodils are in full bloom, cherry trees are opening their pink blossoms, and purple azaleas blaze. The week my parents were here was extra special for the nice dose of spring-like sun we got. The warmth continued a few more days, finding me and the boys spending every possible moment playing outside. I took the lambskins off their beds and gave them a nice wool wash, drying them in the afternoon sun while Max and Shoghi ran around the yard.

There's nothing like a burst of sunshine and warm air to get in the mood for spring cleaning, or apparently if you are a toddler, to get in the mood to run around in the back yard in the buff. Ah, warm weather... we all welcome you!!!


  1. Cute! I think I'm ready to embrace some nakedness this summer.

    I hope it continues to be beautiful in Portland. :-)

  2. hey - i hope all is well your end?
    thinking of you; sending loving vibes your way.