Wednesday, February 24, 2010

grandpa love

Last week we enjoyed a visit with my parents, who flew out from Massachusetts to see the boys. We hadn't been together since the summer, and you know, six months is a long time in the life of babies/toddlers. We were all touched and delighted that the boys knew who they were immediately. They loved every second of their time with Memmae and Popi, and we miss them terribly now that they've flown back home.

Strangely, I didn't get many pictures, but just had to start by sharing these gems of the boys with their grandpa. He wasn't feeling great, but he rallied his spirits and showed his grandsons just how much he loves them.


  1. oh my god - gorgeous photos and touching moments!

  2. Very sweet. It's hard being so far from family when you have little ones...

  3. we had such a fun visit with the boys...well worth the trip for Popi!