Monday, February 23, 2009


Part of the joy of being in our own space, I am discovering, is doing the work associated with taking care of my family. I just wanted to share some of the other ways my/our life has changed, and managing a household is one of them. I didn't think it would be a joyful change, so the fact that it is seems like a brilliant gift.

For starters, over the past week I have been working very hard to create a schedule that works for the boys and for me. It's shaping up! This is key to getting anything at all accomplished. They nap at 10 and 2 now, with a third shorter nap at 5 or 6, then bedtime is btw 7:30 and 8. We have "scheduled" book and music time! I know it might sound weird, but the predictability helps me know what to do with them, and when I can go out with them, and when, on good days, I can get stuff done. In addition, this regular schedule seems to be helping poor little Maxy get some better rest. I got some good advice about his fussy predicament and took it to heart. Today he has slept for more than an hour at both naps!

naked and semi-naked times have taken hold in our daily schedule.
here are the boys in their brand new fuzzy bunz cloth diapers.

We've been making Korin's awesome beef/veggie lasagna, which only takes about 20 minutes to put together, and last night we tried this recipe for cream scones, replacing the milk for coconut milk like K does. They were beautiful, but a terrible failure because we thought we'd try adding baking soda in the place of the baking powder we didn't have. Ever wonder about that? Well, it tastes gross, so avoid our mistake.

yummy-looking but terrible-tasting scones.

Today I feel most accomplished, having made this delicious chicken crock pot dish and even fresh bread, which is rising as I type. I modified the chicken dish by adding carrots, garlic and some sweet potatoes right at the end... YUM! I also managed to swiffer the floor! All while my children napped!

the meal's a-cookin'

Can you even imagine what a relief it is, to have them sleep and be able to get some things done? I mean, this is not a small deal for me, as even before I had kids I would resort to the simplest of meals. Seeing Korin cook meals every day really inspired me, though, and made me see that it is possible, and only requires that you do some menu planning and get things done whenever you have a moment. I'm really proud of this, and also the fact that I'm cleaning up our living room every night, either before the boys sleep or after. It makes such a difference to come down to a room that's clear of toys and stuff, knowing we're starting a day fresh. Again, I didn't used to be much of a neat person, so this is real change for me! I like to clean it up as a part of the bedtime routine so they get used to seeing all their little things put away and can associate that with a calming down.

the living room at the height of the day.

And speaking of accomplishments, dear Shoghi got his first tooth today! It was a pretty intense process, especially in the 2 or 3 days prior to the big eruption, but we can just barely see it now, and I'm so relieved for him! Yay Shoghi! Max's gums don't seem at all swollen, so I'm guessing he's got a while to go.


  1. This makes me so happy! I'm so glad things seem to be falling into place - and for once in my life I'm a good influence on others ;) my mama would be proud. I may have to invite myself over for dinner. ;)

    and YAY for the tooth! TOOOOOOOTH! Now we wait for tooth jr. ;) you did it mama you made it through the first tooth! lemme tell you, getting the 2nd yr molars all the way in is like heaven.

  2. Yup, second year molars are great and even better when it is the last of the pair. LOL Hopefully Max will be like B and you won't even know he's teething until he has a cranky day and you notice white where there once was only pink.

    I hate using the word "schedule" too but it is really nice to know what is going on. And menu planning is a wonderful tool, too.

    Go Mama!

  3. Yay, Shoghi!!!!

    Girl, I wished we lived closer. I think we are kindred souls. Your schedule sounds very similar to the one I have Rowan and Evan on and I don't think it sounds weird AT ALL. It helps me plan my day for THEM and for ME. We also have scheduled playtime, and it provides much needed structure for everybody. That doesn't mean we don't get off schedule when they need to, say if they are hungrier than usual one day, or need extra cuddle time with mommy, but in general, we can know what to expect throughout the day, which helps everyone.

    And I made it a goal to prepare dinner every day, too. It just makes me feel more accomplished. As far as the household, I try to set one goal per day...sometimes I do more, but at least I'll have that one thing done for the day, even if it's only as simple as doing two loads of laundry.

    WTG, girl!!!

  4. yay, mama-you found your groove! i'm so happy. i remember when we finally removed out of granny's house into that temporary apt w/just us and i could do everything myself again, how great that felt! i totally understand! enjoy!

  5. Wonderful! Glad to hear that things are falling into place. You are getting more done than me - guess I'd better get my butt in gear. Schedules are good for everyone - kids thrive on knowing just what to expect (with a little surprise fun thrown in now and again). Love & hugs! Shen