Friday, February 13, 2009

and now for some photos

all from this week's shenanigans:

Shoghi adores his tongue, and will stick it out all day long. Here he is "eating" avocado.

He's become quite the little ham, and I'm not talking about his sense of humor! Look at the chunk on that babe! This is Shoghi's first sink bath.
Max, sweet boy. He was less sure about this bath, but it was infinitely better than his last bath in the bathtub, which totally freaked him out.
His favorite seems to be to sit in my mesh sling and come in the shower.

Max loves to stand and bounce, holding your fingers in his hands.

I love how both of them clasp their feet together. Here's Shoghi, in some beautiful longies from Devon, knit before they were even conceived.

Begin and end with that goofy tongue!

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