Thursday, November 5, 2009

clip, snip!

At just 3 days shy of 15 months old, Max and Shoghi had their first haircuts today. We went to Rudy's Barbershop, and had the woman who cuts my hair do the honors. The boys sat way up high on the old fashioned chair and handled themselves really well. No crying or fear - it was awesome!

Max just got a little trim in the back, mostly for the sake of the twin brothers hitting this milestone on the same day. 

 first up!

bye-bye baby mullet!

Shoghi was really quite shaggy, and his bangs were bothering him all the time. I thought perhaps his future self wouldn't approve of me putting barrettes in his hair. I wanted to preserve the curls, though, so we didn't go too short.

this morning

 little mister shaggerton


It's strange and beautiful to see them with their little haircuts - I love them!


  1. Oh. my. heart. Did they really get cuter? oh yes, yes they did.
    Seriously, Shoghi looks more like you every day. what a couple of loves!

  2. It's been a LONG time since I've commented, sorry!

    These pics are SO sweet!

  3. Such good pictures and i am glad it went so well. what a milestone and they look beautiful as usual

  4. Just adorable! I'm so glad the boys didn't mind. :-)