Saturday, March 13, 2010

bedtime ritual

I'm a pretty regimented mom. We have a schedule that has evolved over the past year, and I love it. We're firmly down to one nap a day now, too, and did I tell you that I finally got Shoghi off of those stressful nighttime milk bottles? Yep - the the past month, he's given up his bottle, and is also doing better at sleeping through the night (finally!) most of the time.

Our most consistent ritual, though, is bedtime, which we call sleepytime. After dinner, the boys go a little nuts, running, squealing with laughter at each other, getting out the last of the day's big energy. If they're terribly messy after their meal, we go up and they take a bath, once or twice a week. About a half an hour later, I put on a DVD - usually Goodnight Gorilla - and we all sit down and watch together while pajamas are put on and teeth are brushed.

a typical end-of-day scene of snuggling, tv-watching, and a big mess in the background

After as little as 10 and as long as 20 minutes, we all head upstairs - the boys crawling up the staris themselves. They both stand in Shoghi's crib in his room (they've been in separate rooms since they went into cribs), and I read several books, sing a song or two, and then the boys say goodnight to each other with kisses and hugs, which has recently evolved into lying on top of each other, rolling around, laughing with each other, and sometimes ends with someone being bitten (remember our problems with biting? it's back, and now they both bite!).

shoghi taking a nap

Then I take Max to his room, settle him in his crib, returning afterward to Shoghi's room to give him a small bottle of water which he keeps in his crib all night, sing to him, and say good night. Many times, that's it - they might chat for a while, but they both calmly go to sleep. They're generally sleeping by 7, which is a blessed, early time. Since they get up so early - Max gets up at 5:30 consistently - the early bedtime is a necessity for us all.

napping Max, who still loves his thumb!


  1. Goodnight Gorilla! it was our bedtime ritual for a long time too... while getting in pjs and brushing teeth. Goodnight moon was it for a long time before gorilla and for a funny couple of months, it was the grinch.
    Now it's just shower, brush teeth and bed... nice and early.

  2. since I was with you recently to share in the sleeptime routine, I have to say it is so sweet. Watching the sleepy boys together in Shoghi's crib, listening to you read and sing is a beautiful memory for me as well as for you and your sons. XX, memmae

  3. Awesome! So glad to hear they're sleeping through the night and that Shoghi has given up his bedtime bottle. Your ritual sounds adorable! Enjoy. :-)

  4. oh I love reading about your night time rituals.

    We do the last bottle, then bath, books, rock him to sleep. He goes to sleep in the crib until we are ready for bed - then we go get him and bring him to our bed for the rest of the night. Love rituals. I wish I was better with bathing every night. Sometimes he is so tired we skip it.