Sunday, May 23, 2010

words and photos

for mother's day (which also happened to be the boys 21 month birthday), my sister gave me a "mom's one line a day" journal. this has been a nice spot to focus in and remember a little something from each day, and has inspired me to exert a renewed effort here. truth be told, life has changed a LOT in the past 3 months, and i just have very little free time now. i've been very busy with gardening, sewing up a storm for my new shop 70s home (which is doing really well!), and staying on top of the whole new level of antics the boys are now able to accomplish with new climbing skills. i feel like facebook has really taken over as my form of online expression.

so here we go: just a couple of lines and one photo a day.



today i bought the boys some playdough - we needed a fresh activity after a week of rainy days, and i knew there was no way i was going to have time to make it. shoghi was so taken by it - he held a ball of "dough-dough" in his hand for about 4 hours, and cried bitter tears when i tried to put it away. i'm not into tough do-it-my-way parenting. if it's not hurting him or someone else, why force my will on him? i let him carry around that playdough as much as he wanted, though i will admit i was relieved when he dropped it outside so i didn't have to pry it away from him at bedtime!

and: we had a little baby carrot harvest from our garden! things i have learned about gardening: don't listen to the person at the nursery who tells you you don't need to thin out the seedlings. every cell needs to be divided to give the individual plants room to grow. stunted carrots were the evidence (the ones on the top of the pile were the ones that had room to grow). fortunately it's early enough in the season that i can re-plant a lot, since now we have many of the veg that aren't growing well. :)

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  1. Nice to "see" you again! Even the stunted carrots look great - it so awesome that you're gardening. :-) I wish I could stay in touch with you on facebook but (I think) I may be the only person in the world not on there... maybe some day. Give the boys kisses and love from San Diego!