Saturday, May 29, 2010


this week, max made it clear to me that he no longer was willing to go to sleep in his crib - instead, he tearfully insisted on going to bed in my bed.

max sleeps in my room, his crib next to my bed, while shoghi has his own room. this arrangement happened during last year's sleep training, and a later failed attempt at putting them in that room together in the fall. they just wake each other up too much to be sleeping in the same room.

so, every night at 11 or 12, max wakes up and i pull him into bed with me. do i have conflicted feelings about getting this extra daily snuggle time with only one of my boys? yes. i have to remind myself daily that this is a thoughtful choice, based on what each of them shows me he needs. and the fact that we don't have another room to offer max for a room of his own.

he has been so completely *joyful* at getting to go to sleep in the big bed, it takes him a little extra time to settle down, and the added difference is that during this transition, i am having to lay down beside him to get him to relax and go to sleep. i imagine after a few more days of adjustment i will edge my way closer to the door each night so we can get back to him falling asleep on his own. honestly, this came up so quickly, i didn't even do any reading about transitioning into beds - i don't really know how else to do it.

since the bed is on the floor, i haven't had rails, and it seems to be working to box him in with the body pillow so i actually have room to lie down on the outside of the bed by the time i go to sleep.

what a big change! i had imagined at one time that we three would all sleep in the same bed, but now with new developments in him rolling all over the bed at night, i seriously don't know how people sleep with more than one kid in the family bed. he and i are in a king, and i am being pushed off the bed nightly!

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  1. Max sleeps in our bed in between us. We put him to sleep in his crib first. And when Jerry and I are ready to go to sleep a few hours later - we go lift him out of bed and bring him to our bed. He barely stirs at all. Not sure he even notices! However getting kicked in the face or neck at night isn't exactly the best part - but it's one part of our family bed time. He is all over the place. He sleep sits. And then topples over where ever he lands and it might be on my head when I am deeply asleep! Craaaazy.