Friday, May 28, 2010

the good with the bad

it's been a really rough 24 hours. a hard bedtime last night, and then a 2:30-4am waking for shoghi that was colored with screaming tantrums, if you can even call it a tantrum. he has these horrible wakings when he's teething, but this was by far the worst. kicking, scratching, back arching, screaming and crying, for 90 minutes in the middle of the night before he finally fell asleep in my arms. i'm so grateful max didn't wake up.

today both of them skipped their nap for the first time, so the afternoon was terrible, and shoghi's bedtime was again emotional and hard. poor boy. damned molars.

but there were a few fun things today, among which was my very first mama haircut for max - in fact the first haircut i've ever done without clippers. it was just a spontaneous thing after seeing his bangs bother him. i put him in his high chair, put on "click, clack, moo" and set to work. it's noticeably amateur, but that kind of makes me love it even more. i think i'll do shoghi's tomorrow!


  1. that cut looks great! I have taken my kids in and paid $15 for a "noticeable amateur haircut." I think it has more to do with them moving around than the lack of skill.

    One of my kids had similar teething bouts and when I gave them Chamomilia 200c it really settled them down. Sometimes teething tablets don't work because the potency just isn't right.

  2. They are so cute! Hope Shoghi is feeling much better now.

  3. That is a cute haircut - nice job, mama!

    So sorry to hear Shoghi is having some tough times with the molars... lucky he has a loving mommy's arms to fall asleep in. He looks like you in that first photo.

  4. poor baby! and poor mama and aunty! your love for your boys flows from this post...the ups and downs of life with babies.

  5. I think there is a homeopathic remedy that matches that night waking, but I don't remember what it is. How awful. Cute haircut.