Tuesday, May 25, 2010

sleep and remembering

shoghi is getting another 2-year molar.

he's a hard teether, so this new molar is kicking all of our asses. he's also in a big developmental shift, so impatience and new-found avenues for aggression towards his brother (pushing! hair pulling! scratching!), combined with the ache-provoked moods of teething are all conspiring to make days challenging, while nights are peppered with sad wakings, one after another all night long.

this morning i did something i've only done once before - i used my babysitter time to go back to bed, and i slept until 10:30. i would love an entire day of sleep, even if it meant just lying in bed with the sound machine on staring at the ceiling. being a mom of two toddlers is exhausting!


the other day i was looking in an old photos folder and came across this still i took from a video of the boys last spring. being so saturated in the present with these little munchkins, it's easy to forget that not long ago, they were really just little babies!


  1. it looks like s is trying to bite m! thanks for the great updates and sorry about the little guy's teeth.

  2. I love hearing about your life again! I just can't wait for the pushing, hair pulling and scratching to start over here... :-O

    It does seem like the last two years has just flown by, doesn't it?