Sunday, July 11, 2010

on the cutting board

Took a few moments today while the boys were napping to unpack, iron and cut some new fabrics for produce and bulk food shopping bags. I nearly sold out at my last appearance at our neighborhood farmer's market, so I'd better get busy! I'm loving the green and black ticking fabric I got just before flying to MA - it's such a classic household look, plus it's woven fabric rather than printed, which I feel is a bonus. I'm really enjoying woven cottons these days, for their warp-and-weft feeling, their kitchen handiness, and simple beauty.


  1. Are you home already? How was the flight back? I hope it was better than the flight there. I'm not looking forward to my own 5 hours alone with twin toddlers! Stocking up on new toys, tho...

  2. Ha, I always realize after the fact that I haven't been clear in my posts... We're still in MA! I brought about 20 pounds of fabric with me to make into bags while I'm here... we'll see how much I actually accomplish! ;)

    Are you bringing a carseat onto the plane? Any way to contain the one in the seat? I think you'll need it! I hope your trip goes ok - I've been thinking of you!