Thursday, July 1, 2010

the question of drugs for flying

oh, my boys and their sweet, sweet ways.

Today I did a trial run of giving the boys benadryl for naptime. I know, so lame, right? But I had to know what would happen, and the doctor actually has me giving to S for allergies anyway. Well, it is NOT something I will use for travel, because even after sleeping, they were both in horrendous moods for the whole afternoon, especially Max. Poor guys. That drugged feeling is no good.

I think the flight is going to be great, actually. I am looking forward to their curiosity, and think it's going to be a pretty fun day. I'm working on a bunch of exciting new things to give them on the plane.


  1. what about melatonin? Put the kids close to the window, close the blind, (you might be able to put a blankie over their seats), and sing their nighty-night song. It's fairly cheep, (like $3 @ walmart for 100, 1mg tabs) and the psych has said that my 18kg(about 40lb) kiddo can have up to 3mg. (more than that (up to 8mg) needs a physician sleep study to authorize).
    Theoretically, they should sleep through the trip but not wake up feeling druggy.

  2. I'm glad you tried it ahead of time. That's how it affected ruby the one or two times she had it, and it's the same with me. I have some quietude...