Friday, April 11, 2008

After another insomniatic night, I'm officially nackered. Is this practice for sleepless nights to come? I have no idea, but this mama can't do without her sleep these days. Between the energy required to grow these babies and to keep my mind from entering the terrain of doom and gloom, plus go to work and try to have some useful thoughts while there, I've got little to spare.

The apartment is a disaster, laundry is long overdue, and packing, which really needs to be completed by 4/20, is languishing. I think I'll go to bed early tonight, sleep in tomorrow and then make a big push to get the packing reorganized and ready to go. I've decided to ship everything instead of renting the u-haul hitch, and that means I've got to re-pack everything I'd already done, transferring stuff from plastic tubs to cardboard boxes.

So, today marks fifteen weeks. Another week into the second trimester, only 9 more weeks until that blessed 24-week mark of viability outside the womb, and 23 more weeks to my hoped-for 38-week delivery of two healthy babies. 14 was an eventful week - feeling them move is very cool and incredibly reassuring. It's still not all the time, but now that I've felt it, I know there's more to come. I probably also mentioned that I'm still spotting, but I'm hopeful that it'll stop over the weekend, as it's been slowing down a bit. Aside from that, my sister says I'm looking even more pregnant, which I thought was funny, since just this morning I was thinking I look pretty much the same. I'll take her word for it!

What's been surprising about being pregnant is how it has brought me within myself - I find myself wanting to be solo and very quiet. Not at all how I thought I'd feel. Maybe it'll be different after the move is over and I have a sense of what's next. For now, I spend a lot of time with my hands on my belly, trying to stay awake, trying to eat, eat, eat. For tonight, hopefully I will spend my time sleeping peacefully, all the way to morning.


  1. hi there dear one...

    i am SOOO behind in my blog reading these days. just catching up on you and your two glad everything is humming right along even if it is also an exhausting time. I really do want to see if I can stop by to visit you one of these days before YOU LEAVE!! can't believe you four are all really leaving! i am away again next weekend but will be in philly possibly the weekend after that anyway...will you still be around??

    love love love

  2. When do we get to see another belly shot?? :)

    Feeling them move is way cool, isn't it? I'm so happy you're feeling that, and that the spotting is slowing down. After my visit to the hospital on Friday, I've got a bit more spotting, but it's not the bad kind so I'm ok.

    I've had that same introspective attitude lately, too. I seem to be content to just sit and think, which is unusual for me. It must be a form of "nesting."

  3. Re: your question in my blog:

    I think it's hard to say, but my abdominal soreness is a lot higher than the cramps in my uterus. I've had some stretching cramps, but those are distinctly different, too...I'm trying to just assume that most cramps are okay, unless accompanied by bleeding.

    The OB Friday night said most "normal" pregnancy ailments can be made better by either rest, hydration, or Tylenol. Anything persistent that doesn't improve with those three things should be brought to your doctor's attention.

    Hope this helps!!! :)