Monday, April 21, 2008

still a mystery

Today was my last appointment in PA with Maternal and Fetal Medicine. As long as everything remains calm, I won't be seen again until I'm in Portland in May - about a month from now. I wish we'd gotten do have a more detailed ultrasound today, but I was glad to at least have the brief check from the lame office machine.

The babies are both doing fine - the doc didn't take any measurements today, just checked in to see their hearts beating. She was showing a resident from neonatology around preggo land, so she was very quick and to-the-point with the scan.

Even though I asked, she couldn't see clearly enough to tell me the sex of the babies. Wah! I was totally wishing today was the day, but in the end, all I really wanted to know was that they are healthy and kicking around in there, which they are. I'm still not feeling them regularly - the last time I really felt them for sure was last Wednesday!

So, all is well. Sister and I are packing as much as we can - I'm suffering from some terrible pain in my ribs as they are forced to stretch, and that's kept me from as much moving as is really required right now. I just keep telling myself that somehow this will all come together by the end of the week. I know if my body is experiencing pain or exhaustion, it's my job to heed the message, and that I'm lucky to be free to move about at all, given the multiple risks I've got going on.

I imagine this will probably be the last post until next week - perhaps we'll manage a 17-week photo this weekend, but it's gonna be pretty crazy around here!


  1. Safe travels!!! Sorry to hear about your ribs. Mine are stretching out, too, but aren't near as painful as my hips. When is your level II scan? Maybe you'll find out gender then?

    Take care of the three of you!

  2. I will keep you and the little ones in my prayers. Have a safe travel cross country and i look forward to hearing more after you relocate. I'm sorry that you are in so much pain, but just think of their beautiful smiles ~ in less than 6 months you will get to see those amazing smiles that will make this all worth it. Yay Mommy! you can do it!

  3. I think you're having one of each.