Sunday, August 10, 2008

three days old

my two little heart breakers, taken today. notice they are breathing on their own!!

some questions that have come up:

can they cry? YES, and how! Shoghi cried to my deepest delight as soon as he was born, and while Max took a little extra time, he's been making his voice heard ever since.

dear little Shoghi with me for a little kangaroo care
(skin-to-skin holding)

sweet Maxwell, being held by his grandma


  1. YAY! Congratulations and MUCH love to all of you - They are gorgeous!!

  2. Oh goody! New pics! I've looked at the others 50 times already. I keep checking back every time i need a little lift. They are so beautiful, Celeste! Perfect. Look at their fuzzy little heads! OMG!! So incredibly happy for you & your blessings!

  3. What beautiful babies you have! :)

  4. They are beautiful! Congrats on your new arrivals!

  5. Congratulations ... They are so incredibly beautiful!!

  6. Found this through MDC.

    Congrats! I'm glad they are doing well. They are gorgeous babies!

  7. they are just precious.

    Almost the same size as my little monsters.

    sending hugs your way.

    Kari and the twins