Sunday, August 31, 2008

3-Week Vitals

Happy 3-Week birthday to my sweet, sweet boys!

Thanks to Grandma Dort for these cute sleepers!

Max, snuggling with mama for some kangaroo care
current weight: 5lbs, 10oz (birth weight: 3lbs, 15oz)

Shoghi seems to be trending towards taking all of his food by mouth!
Here he is without his gavage (feeding tube)
Current weight: 4lbs, 9oz (birth weight: 3lbs, 7oz)


  1. those boys really touch my heart. Shoghi without the feeding tube and Maxwell in kangaroo care. Beautifuul photos and delighted grandparents. Happy 3 week birthday, twins!

  2. happy 3 weeks! i'll be seeing them and you soon!!

  3. Great job, boys! ...and you get to meet Uncle Simon soon, yay!