Sunday, August 3, 2008

a week for my papa

My mom is arriving today and will be here until Friday, so I figure some sort of daily posting is in order. Dad couldn't come along this time, so this will serve to keep him included.

Actually, I'm just hanging around for now, waiting to be called down for my NST (non stress test) and waiting for the call that her plane has arrived, even though I probably won't see her until about 4pm (it's 12:30 now). So far, it's been a pretty uneventful day.

I'm 31w3d today. I have not shared before that reaching that third day after turning over a new week is a big deal for me - it always makes me feel like the next week marker is most definitely attainable (unless there's an emergency). So today, 32 weeks is feeling close... something I can hardly believe.

Last night I got the idea that I should take a couple of pictures with a tape measure, so that's how we'll start.

Measuring around: 47"! Who ever thought I'd be proud of such a number,
nevermind post a photo of it! Ha!! That's my view of my belly, of course.

The red string is something some of my friends and I did at the beginning of this
pregnancy, to bind the babies to me until their healthy birth.

Fundus measurement: 47cm??? Ok, this is totally inaccurate because I'm standing up,
but this is a measurement from the bottom of my uterus to the top. In a singleton
pregnancy, after 20w, this generally measures 1cm for each week of pregnancy.
47cm at 31w? Probably not. ;o) I should be measuring somewhere around 36cm.


  1. I feel the same way about the midweek milestone. :) My fundus height right now, as measured by the OB, is 37, but when I measure it myself I get closer to 40. For what it's worth. You're doing great!!! Enjoy the visit with your mom.

  2. I'm so glad all of you are doing so well. YOu look great! I love all the pics, i wish i had taken more when i was pregnant.

  3. Congratulations on making it so far! I came across your blog from Lost and Found. Our stories are so similar! I ruptured at 28w5d and delivered my b/g twins at 31w1day. Made it through 17 days of bedrest. Hoping you make it further to that precious 34 weeks.