Wednesday, August 13, 2008

heavenly day

Yesterday gave us cause for celebration: Maxwell and Shoghi graduated from their previous beds into isolettes, their IVs were removed, and all of this made it possible for us to get them close enough together for a reunion. It was a 3-step process...

Mon was holding Shoghi and I was feeding Maxwell, so we brought the chairs closer...

Shoghi sensed something was going on and started crying... meanwhile Max stopped sucking and opened his eyes wide to find his brother. He was looking to his right and trying to turn his head until they were finally beside each other...

Peace at last - brothers side-by-side; both of my sons in my arms.
I don't even have words for this kind of elation.

As soon as they progress from their isolettes, they'll be co-bedded in an open crib. I can hardly wait.


  1. Bliss. Pure bliss. My heart just swelled reading and seeing the epictures!

  2. omg! such glorious handsomeness! and the love & peace on your face! finally!

  3. ASTONISHING!! WOW!! look at those huge deeply penetrating eyes. REMARKABLE! WOW!!

  4. oh my gosh [tears]

    it is wonderful to see how they connect with each other.


  5. your journey mirrors mine so much. it's too nice to read someone else having gone before. i hope we're home as soon as you were too.

    o, my bleeding heart - you know how it feels waiting, waiting...