Saturday, May 30, 2009

finally, the winner!

I guess I should know by now that my blog promises will be hard to keep... We had a little contest a while back, and I'm just now announcing the winner!

All of your entries made us laugh - thank you for joining in the fun! I have a little giftie for all of you dear ones who participated, but the grand prize of some Stumptown Coffee goes to Knittah, for her entry:

M: Gee Shog, whaddya wanna do tonight?
S: Same thing we do every night, Max. Try to take over the world.

I'll be sending out your coffee this week, and will email the rest of y'all for your addresses. I have lost my address book, so I'll need to get em from you!

Thanks again - that was fun! As things get easier around here, I'm sure we'll be having more blog fun to share.

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