Friday, May 15, 2009

stroller expressions

Inspired by some funny flickr comments on this photo, taken by the boys' auntie, and wanting to re-set my blog's good juju, I'm going to do my first giveaway!!!

Simply narrate a conversation between M and S in comments (let's keep it nice. I will delete any inappropriate comments!) before Sunday night at 9 (Pacific time), and I will send the best entry a half pound of amazing Stumptown coffee! I'll have to keep this to shipping within the US - sorry to those who are reading abroad! Judging will be subjective, and will be done by me, Laurie, and neighborly best friend Korin. Have fun!!

(you can click on the photo to see the whole thing)


  1. M: Shog? Do you think it's lunch time yet?
    S: Nah. Not yet.
    M: Shog? Are you sure it's not lunch time?
    S: Nah. She knows she has to give us lunch at lunch time.
    M: If she knows it's lunch time, why don't we have lunch yet, Shog?
    S: I don't think it's lunch time yet.
    M: What if she forgot? What if she didn't bring lunch?
    S: Nah. I saw her pack the orange stuff.
    M: OOOOOO, I love the orange stuff!
    M: Shog? Do you think it's lunch time now?
    S: Dude. It's not lunch time yet. You just asked me that like 30 seconds ago.
    M: But that was 30 seconds ago. What about now?
    S: Dude. You asked me if it was lunch time 30 seconds ago, and I said no. You ask me now, and it's still not lunch time. And when you ask me 30 seconds from NOW . . . it still won't be lunch time.
    M: But Shog, what if lunch time comes and she doesn't know?
    S: (sigh) She will know when it is lunch time. I saw her pack the orange stuff.
    M: OOOOOOOOO, I love the orange stuff!

  2. M: where do you think we are going?
    S: I don't know, but I bet it's going to be good.
    M: are we there yet?
    S: I don't know, ask mama
    M: "ggguaaguauuga bbboooobbooooboooo"
    S: that's not asking mama, that sounds like you're speaking whale.
    M: I can speak whale you know.
    S: Ooooooh here we go again!

  3. M:Hey, Shog, if Mama's over there, who's driving this thing?
    S: I dunno, Auntie?
    M: Ah, i love Auntie.
    Hey, Shog, Where're we going?
    S: I dunno, Ru's?
    M: Ah, I love Ru.
    Hey Shog, Whatcha doing?
    S: I dunno, chewing on my strap.
    M: Ah, i love straps.
    Hey Shog, I love you.
    S: good grief, Max. love you too. now shhhh.

  4. I'm cheating and posting another one, but this one is just a joke. Not my real entry:

    M: Gee Shog, whaddya wanna do tonight?
    S: Same thing we do every night, Max. Try to take over the world.

  5. Oh lordy, this is fun! Knittah, we just got an extra chuckle outta that - Shoghi is definitely The Brain!!

  6. M: Hey Shog
    S: Uh..yeah Max?
    M: I have a question for ya?
    S: Yes Max?
    M: Did you make a poo?
    S:(thinking) (blush) Yeah, a little.
    M: Me too!
    (both chuckle)
    S: Should we tell mama?
    M: Naaa.. let's surprise her... she loves that!
    S: Deal.


  7. M: Hey Shog, why do they point that thing at us? (mama making silly baby sounds at us)
    S: Not sure Max. They are so silly and easily entertained. (smiling brightly)
    M: Hey Shog, did you hear that?
    S: Whoa Max, I didn't hear it, but phew!
    M: (laughing inside) I know. I think that was from the brown stuff mama fed good! Gives me the toots though.
    S: Oh, I think I have one coming on...(gives a little grunt and smiles) Try to beat that one.
    M: Dude Shog, It's on!

    Nicole :)

  8. mine is more of a caption than conversation:

    M: she's *funny*, isn't she!
    S: yeah, but she sure *rocks* as a mama


    and i know i'm out of the competition by location, but i don't drink coffee anyway!!!