Thursday, May 21, 2009

more and more again

Life sure does feel abundant right now... very full. After a hard week of disturbed sleep, Shoghi and Maxwell both have two new teeth to show for it bringing them each to four. Max has the two bottom middles and his two top incisors, and Shoghi has his bottom and top middle two. Not only that, but it's been a huge week of firsts! Here are some of them:

  • First time playing in a pool!
  • First trip to the zoo! We went with Ruby and Korin just today.
  • First sunglasses!
  • First eggs, turkey, spaghetti squash (not such a hit), and Cheerios!
  • First restaurant experience, involving first congee and some chow fun noodles, and a million laughs!
Max kept making this funny face upon tasting the congee!
It was so bland (just rice porriage), I still can't figure out what all that was about!

Shoghi sitting up in the highchair at the table.

  • First time the boys have laughed at each other!

and two events that really require much fanfare and celebration:

Shoghi pulled up to standing and Max started saying "Mama." My heart leaps for each of them - their new accomplishments are so aligned with their individual proclivities, and it's such a complete wonder to see them take those next steps. Shoghi takes such delight in his physicality - when he stood up, he laughed with glee! How lucky Laurie and I both were to be here for it.

Truly, hearing Max say "Mama" when I walked into the room yesterday was one of the most significant moments of my life... he does say "mamama" to convey a lot of meaning (mostly desperate desire), but when he says it to mean me, it is clear. And wonderful. And miraculous. I suspect that some version of "Auntie" and "brother" are likely on their way.

Video coming soon.


  1. Wow. Great pics and videos. And the sunglasses are AWESOME!

  2. Wonder and miracle indeed.

  3. A delight to read this! I have a big smile on my face. Love, Shen

  4. How incredible!! I'm getting verklempt reading... Thanks for the heartwarming post!

  5. how joyous!!! yay yay!! rewards galore for hard working mama!

  6. So sweet. How wonderful, MAMA!!