Wednesday, May 27, 2009

random sampling

Here are a few random photos from this month that I don't think I've posted yet...

Max giving Shoghi a raspberry "kiss".

We've taken to hanging out with Ruby and Korin in the afternoons... fun abounds!
The boys will keep these bandanas on while they take off a hat the moment it hits their head.

Thanks to Joi for these blocks!
Max loves to take things out of them, and of course knock them over.

funny raspberry face Shoghi.

On Sunday, it looked like it was going to be another bad napping day. Rather than just drive around town, I suggested we high-tail it to the beach. Laurie and I packed up the boys and headed West to Cannon Beach and Ecola State Park for a really, really lovely day. The twins got their first taste (literally) of the beach, and we all had a blast. Oh, and there was a LOT of napping.

waking up from a nap in the ergo.

max sleeping in the meitai on laurie

shoghi loved the sand and didn't eat it....

max loved eating the sand.
For those who have known me a long time, please note the shirt....


  1. What a great day! Those two are such cuties...

  2. Oooh my. That kissing picture *almost* makes me want to have twins.

  3. Great pictures!!! I love the kissing picture, too. We had our first attempted smooch between sibs this past weekend, and it was so adorable.

  4. Beautiful babies! I love the kissing one and the bandanas! What a hoot. :)

  5. they are growing so fast and so beautiful!!!

  6. I just love them. And you! The sweetness is filling.

  7. Oh my, they are absolutely adorable! And they are getting so big!
    The kissing photo is priceless :-)

  8. love the shirt! only those who know you "get "it.