Sunday, June 28, 2009

beantown boys

A favorite play spot: the bouncy chair
Max has his first black eye

In just under a month, I'm heading back East with the twins for four weeks of summertime fun with their grandparents! We're getting into the spirit by busting out our Red Sox and Boston gear. The hats were a special gift from their major Sox-loving grandfather, while the shirts were two of the first gifts they boys received - way back last April when they were only about 20 weeks gestation! Thanks, Auntie!

And here are a couple of extras... I try to get the boys out every day to crawl around somewhere different. Many days we hang out with Korin, Ruby, and Laurie! This week, we all met up at Laurelhurst Park for a nice walk and some play time. Ruby decided the place to be was right next to Shoghi in the stroller! Let's ride, big sis!

Here's a little video showing how the boys like to use the bouncy chair now that they're climbers. They crawl into the chair and bounce on their hands and knees! In this clip, Max is pretty subdued, but these guys really get moving in there! You can see how Max ended up with a black eye, even though at the time, he wasn't the one jumping...


  1. Too cute! Guess I should have hung on to our bouncy chairs... Shoghi looks very grown up - he has a mature face. Max is just an adorable chunky monkey!

    So great that you're visiting family for four weeks. That will be so cool!

  2. Oooo I should totally come up and visit while you're in MA!! I am dying to meet the boys!!

  3. aww, you guys seem to have it so much together celeste. i now know what they mean when they say about some preemies 'you'd never know' - you seem to be so tuned in to them and they are making wonderful strides masha Allah!

    we're still all about milk and constant cuddles to avoid tears. i'm worried i'm doing the twin thing all wrong!!?!!

  4. I wish I would have had more time to visit with these amazing little boys when I was down there. *sigh* I'm so glad you're posting on this thing. I love seeing them :)