Tuesday, June 16, 2009

brother moment

Max has started saying "brother," which is completely adorable, especially since he kind of growls it - "bra-bra" is how it sounds.

So, tonight just as the bedtime routine was kicking in, Max was really melting down. I had to sit him on the floor so I could get all bedtime stuff: the pjs, diapers, eczema cream. He was sitting there, the poor little guy, just crying his heart out. Shoghi crawled up, then sat down right across from him. He studied Max's red, crying face, then gave Laurie a look across the room, right before dissolving into sympathetic brother tears.

It was the first time this kind of empathy has passed between them. I foresee many incidents of such brotherly love in our future....


  1. These are the tenderest of memories. So much to love there.

  2. oh my goodness.. that is so sweet!

  3. Oh my! that is sooo sweet! Memmae

  4. Awww... sweet... :-)

    I swear, your twins are so advanced!