Friday, June 25, 2010

better than ice cream

loving sunshine here in the good state of oregon this week.

very challenged by my own recent insomnia compounded by long, emotional night wakings of both boys (more teeth for s? or is it allergies? poor boy's lower lids are just raw.)

enjoying watching the boys with our growing garden, learning how real food grows, hearing them say "pick it" and "eat mint" and "bessies" (berries). hearing the crunch as then eat fresh snap peas, still warm from the sun.

cannot wait to step onto that plane headed for boston on 7/4 and leave some of it behind for a few weeks.

can. not. wait.


  1. I will miss you so, but I also can't wait for you to have your summer vacation with your family. <3

  2. sweet picture! hope you have thse pictures on a disk for me to copy and you to save! can not wait either!