Thursday, June 3, 2010

ridiculously tired

learning to share is a big developmental process the boys are in right now
sometimes it goes smoothly, as it was this morning
when m was giving crackers to s

things to remember about today....

you may think that by the time your twins are 22 months old (gasp!), you can safely take cold medicine at night, but you should really not give in to the desire for deep and dreamless sleep. it will only kick you in the ass when they wake up at 5:30am.

i can't wait for the time when they have the ability to do a single activity for more than 7 minutes. i thought giving them a bath this afternoon would kill a good half hour. shoghi had to be taken out of the tub 7 minutes later, because he was too thoroughly enjoying the game of banging the glass shower doors. argh! i now realize that the maximum time both of them are in the tub is about 10 minutes.

the boys both like the song "michel finnegan" right now - it's the first song shoghi reliably dances to! funny!

these are the backings on some prayer flags i made today for our garden

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