Thursday, June 24, 2010

dry run

If there was a picture-of-the-day for today, it would be of me and the boys, taken this morning at the airport. We went there for a dry run, to introduce them to the airport and show them some planes before our trip on 7/4. It was actually quite fun - they loved walking on the moving walkways and escalator, and looked out the big windows at the planes outside. It was a great outing for $3.

But the picture would capture one of the moments there - it would show me, sitting on the floor just in front of the security gates, laughing and sweating, holding one trying-to-run-away toddler down with my leg while I struggled to get the other one, kicking, crying and arching his back, into the Ergo on my back.

Guess what I learned from this practice? You guessed it: toddlers must remain in stroller until we have reached the gate. Whew! We drew quite some amused glances (and a couple of helping hands).


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  1. OMG! I too will be flying cross country alone with my two this July! Stroller advice noted. I'm planning for DH to get a gate pass and walk us to the gate. Can someone help you with that as well? They could stay until you get on the plane... My main goal for that is to have someone help us through security. How many seats are you getting? Are you taking car seats on the plane? Are you bringing a portable DVD player? Everyone keeps recommending that to me. We don't have one and I'm not sure I want to get one (or that it would even work). Pass along any other tips you have! I will too.

    While I'm not up for a dry run (great idea tho!) I'm thinking of getting some books on flying, and getting the kids their own backpacks/roller bags to keep their toys in. I thought that might make it kinda cool for them. ??

    Good luck!! Let me know how it goes.