Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Let's call it Shirley"

Not that I should ever need a reminder to be in the moment and revel in the miracle that is this pregnancy, but that's just what I did need. Mary took the time to gently remind me of how I've yearned for being here, and I decided to take it to heart, in whatever way I can at any particular moment. Being pregnant and in transition (in more ways than one) is hard, but the challenge is readily accepted, and I wouldn't trade these aches and pains for the alternative.

It's just that a few days without sleep and with some pretty unignorable aches and pains will render even the most grateful person rather grouchy. Thinking that I have 3 more months of belly growth ahead is quite intimidating!

I'm feeling better today. Although I slept fitfully again, I did sleep, throughout the night and until 8:15, and it made a big difference in the day today. I also heeded feeling sleepy earlier than I am usually able, and rested from 1-3 this afternoon. Good thinking!

Thanks for the pep talk, Mary!

ps: 10 points if you can figure out the reference in the title... Laurie, I'll give it to you in advance, since I know you know!


  1. matter how much you want little ones...sometimes, being pregnant sucks. It is a hell of a lot of work, and takes a lot out of you physically. And emotionally. When my pubic bone was repeatedly out and it hurt to walk more than a couple steps at a time - I was cranky. Still super excited to be pregnant, but cranky nonetheless.

    YOu look awesome! :-D


  2. I'm having a rough stretch, too, and it's almost impossible for me to believe I have another three months of growth ahead of me. Where is it going to go? I can't possibly have much more room!

    Sleep is getting harder, though I do still have a good night here or there. I'm glad you're resting during the day. That's a must for me...