Friday, June 27, 2008

To Do Some More

Now that I've officially completed my 26th week (yesterday), I'm feeling a little pressure to figure some things out... namely, the boys' names! Next Thursday marks the beginning of the third trimester, which means it's time to get busy! The clothes all need to be washed and organized, I have to strike some semblance of organization to my stuff that is still in boxes and now scattered between two houses, and I really must address the big decisions:
  • Find a photographer
  • Make schedule of visitors for post-birth
  • Research pediatricians
  • Finalize birth plans and back-up hospital team
  • Get my teeth cleaned
  • Make sure I have everything needed for at least the first 3 months (things I can anticipate needing, that is)
  • Decide whether I want/ need a new camera
  • Finish baby knits
  • Make and freeze some meals
  • Make arrangements for birth announcements
  • Finish all work projects by end of August
  • Figure out what to do about Bamboo Village Press for the summer/fall season.
No doubt there are 40 more things to add, but this is what comes to mind now.

I thought I'd share my short list of names... this has been HARD to generate, let me tell ya! There are a million beautiful and meaningful girl names that I've had on my list for years, but with boy names, somehow it seems much more challenging.

First Names in the Running
  • Arjun (white, clear; hero from Mahabharatha)
  • Aziz (beloved)
  • Benjamin
  • Isaac (he laughs)
  • Maxwell (after W. Sutherland Maxwell)
  • Oliver
  • Njeru (wolf, after close friend)
  • Noah (rest, comfort)
  • Rowan (little red)
  • Shoghi (after Shoghi Effendi)
  • Sisu (tenacity of purpose)
Paired: Joseph/ Aaron (brother); Shoghi/ Maxwell

The Belly House

During the past week, I lost any arch in my back, and my ribs have definitely expanded... I think I'm going to have to get some new braziers. I'm not sure if you can see much difference between 24 week (brown shirt) and today (others), but I definitely feel one! Here's a smattering of pics for today.


  1. Aw, can you be any cuter? Yay for new belly pix! And the names list. Swoon!!

  2. Oh, yeah...I can see the difference. I love your names; our top name for a girl is Rowan! Crazy, huh, seeing as how uncommon it is?

  3. seriously, CAN you be any cuter?

    I saw they're down to the double digits on your calculator!

    The names are great, how exciting, C!!

  4. Seriously. Cutie Cute CUTE!!! I love it!

    Your list actually made me laugh, because it's like, baby, baby, baby, baby, get teeth cleaned. Hahahaha! You're so organized, that's awesome.

    I loooove Benjamin, Isaac, Noah, Maxwell, and Rowan especially.

    And funny -- I have boy names picked out already but lord help me if I ever have a girl!

  5. I am so happy to read your choices so far but I will not yet comment on which ones I like because I will love whichever names you choose for those boys.

  6. Yes, I can definitely tell the difference from week 24 in your pictures! Anyway, I like Rowan, Benjamin, Isaac, and Noah. I know...traditional, what can I say?

  7. Hey there sweetie, I've been lurking for a while (gee that sounds bad) I am so happy for you and to put my two cents in I love Shoghi and Maxwell. Add me to your list of visitors in August Love Jules