Thursday, June 12, 2008

Six Months

A lot has changed in the past 24 weeks... starting of course with what may prove to be my last ever trip to a fertility clinic on cycle day 3... 12/31/07. There was doubt about the viability of this pregnancy (when my HcG numbers didn't double "properly") and the mystery of how many babies were growing in there (first ultrasound showed only one!). I've changed my professional work, completed my first year as an owner of a small business and charitable organization, packed my apartment and moved clear across the country. I've gone from someone who had been in state of longing for children since she was 17 and working in a Brazilian orphanage, to someone preparing to be the mother of two boys - all at once.

7 week ultrasound showing twins!

11 weeks pregnant

24 weeks pregnant - shirt no longer covers the belly!

Today marks the beginning of viability for the twins outside the womb. Don't get me wrong - I have every intention of keeping them in place for another 14 weeks or so; it's just that this milestone is a big one for multiples. From now on, they'll be gaining weight rapidly, maturing their lungs, and continuing to develop their muscles with their aqua-calisthenics. By 4 weeks from now, my belly will be the same size as a full term singleton preggo's belly.

I'm still writing out my thank you notes from the shower, but at the same time, I'm thinking about scheduling my portrait session (must do something about this awful hair before then), looking at options for birth announcements, and trolling craigslist for things like cosleepers, strollers, and other accouterments that will be necessary for their first few months.
Looking at the ultrasound pics from last week, I can see for the first time how different Zeus and Oden's profiles are, and it's gotten me to imagining what they'll look like, how their temperaments will be... It's all starting to get very real and exciting.

Here's hoping the next 3 months are as good - or better - than the last 6!


  1. I vote for better!!!! For both of us!

    Things are going is the time to enjoy cooking our little buns.

    You look fantastic, and my shirts are barely covering my belly, too.

  2. Aw man, this gets me all misty :) you do look fantastic. LMK when you want to get the info on the photo genius. she's brilliant.

  3. You look so great, C!! Radiant & glowy.... how beautiful!
    Wow, just WOW! So much HAS changed in your life, and it's still happening. Blessings all around you & your boys :)

  4. you look AMAZING!! Way to grow, mama! :D

  5. love these updates! you look great!

  6. looking at you makes my heart sing! a long time coming...enjoy every kick, every blip, every boxing match... I am amazed that the time is flying by. Talk to the boys and tell them how much their grandparents are thinking of them. xx, mom and dad