Monday, June 23, 2008

Hapi Mail!

Last week, I received some very yummy mail!

First, a mother's day gift from sister... some lovely-smelling massage oil for the growing belly. I can't wait to use it! Thanks, Ri!

Then, I'd done a little splurging a week before, when I Googled "japanese baby clothes" in the hopes of finding some non-traditional baby duds for the boys, and I hit the jackpot! On page 2, I found the blog droolicious, where one of the entries introduced Westcoast Baby. I'm really tickled with the clothing; they've matched my expectations in person. I just love me some Asian style.... go figure.

wee knit kimonos for brandy-new babies.

light cotton for the 6-9mo old brothers

minkee -lined jacket

When I contacted them by email with some questions, the response was helpful and prompt. If you're ever looking for a unique and adorable baby gift, definitely check these guys out!


  1. Hey! My name is also Celeste and I am also a mom of twins! Mine are boys and are 20 months old. I saw your post on MDC :)

  2. very cute kimonos for the boys. nice outfits for travel to the east! we are all missing you. just have to get family besides your uncle Don to look at the blog!gg