Sunday, September 14, 2008

while we wait

Shoghi should be coming home tomorrow - it seems that he does have reflux. I'll provide more details after my visit today. In the meanwhile, here are some photos from the first week home... more are on the flickr page.


  1. Wonderful news! They are adorable.

  2. That one with the boys out in front of you brought tears to my eyes! I want to print the "yin yang" pic and hang it up somewhere for inspiration....
    I don't know why it couldn't have come easy for you... but so thankful that after all you've been through, you have 2 amazing little bee-ings there to love. Praying for the best health for all of you. So thankful you have loving support around you, wish I could add to it in person! Sending all of my love & good energy to your family!
    Hah! Look at how Maxwell has chunked up!