Tuesday, September 16, 2008

home again, jiggedy jig

OK, we're all home again; hooray.

Right now, with 2 sleeping babies and a ton of stuff to do, I'm employing the hands-free method of expressing breastmilk- i.e. a modified sports bra. We also call this the "fem-bot" look here, but despite much discussion/teasing, there will not be a photo of me sporting this rather hysterical but at the same time strangely demeaning look. If you're a newly pumping mama, though, definitely try this out. The method in the link above is far more complicated than what I've done, which is to just cut 2 very small holes in a tight sports bra through which to pop the horns. Seriously, after a month of holding the pumps, being able to type, soothe a baby, or write an email while pumping is a huge gift.

Anyway, I don't know where that tangent came from... I guess milk is on my mind, since now that both boys are home again my life is pretty much all about milk, whether in the form of formula, expressed breastmilk (EBM), practice nursing with the babies, changing diapers, or eating/drinking/taking herbs in order to produce more. All of a sudden, we have no discernible schedule anymore, which means I will have even less sleep than before Shoghi went back to the hospital. It's an intimidating prospect, to say the least. When I read that "surviving the first year" is the hard part of having twins, I really had no idea just how true that statement would be. and this is only week 2!

Laurie spent the night last night, taking over full care of Maxwell through the night so that I could care for Shoghi. He came home yesterday with a script for xan.tac and an apnea monitor. I'll be using the monitor only for nights, so I can get some sleep without constantly worrying that he will choke without my knowledge, so for the first night, I wanted to see how it would go. The docs had told me that the monitor falsely alarms quite a bit, but I'm happy to say it didn't sound once all night. I'll try to take some pics so you can see how it works. Shoghi also had his first chiropractic adjustment last night - hopefully this will eventually help him with the reflux.

Tonight, care of both babies will return to their mama, so I'm going to try to rest up this afternoon in anticipation of a long night. We go back to follow up with the pediatrician on Monday.


  1. thanks for the update. love and milky thoughts to all-rest well when you can!

  2. Much milkey flowey vibes comin atcha!!

  3. Love the pic. Sending strength and supply uppage thoughts your way!

  4. So glad to hear Shoghi is home again! My SIL swears by Colic Calm for my niece's reflux. It's homeopathic and she orders it from www.coliccalm.com. I wanted to pass that on in case it was of help. Take good care of yourself!

  5. Celeste, your boys are so adorable!! Keep posting those pics, I can't get enough. It's giving me baby fever again. Yum-my!
    Good luck with the milk and sleep deprivation. That was one of my biggest concerns (and I just had one...) but somehow one just adjusts.
    Hugs to all three of you. Wish I could hold those delicious babies!

  6. From your MDC DDC, Sorry I know you have a lot on your mind, and you probablly have already covered this, but just wanted to throw it out there. And by the way - you are doing a GREAT JOB. My first babae was a reflux babay, terrible watchign them in pain and the choking is awful. Turned out she had a very hard to diagnos 4th degree tounge tie, which was the root cause of it. It's fixable. You will have to research for a specailist, they are hard to come by, but it might be worth looking into. Hope they continue to thrive, and you will survive. Hang in there. thinking about you and sending you good vibes all the time.

  7. I hope you can get a chance to talk to firefly about the reflux, she might be able to help you with a remedy or something.