Thursday, September 18, 2008

favorite things, or survival tactics

"stay awake" sung by julie andrews... i set this song on repeat, and 9 times out of 10 am rewarded with sleeping babies. it also prolongs naps, but it may wear on adult listeners! my boys really respond to music - this one song in particular.

back pillow - makes all the difference in nursing, rocking, sleeping sitting up, and giving bottles in bed. i just got one like this

baby carriers - for easy-on and off, we all love the kangaroo korner fleece pouch. for carrying two, or for a more supportive fit, we love our sleepy wrap.

snap n go stroller - i got a single and love it. easy to push with one hand, light, easy to put together. i push one babe and sling the other.

pacifiers. ugh, i never thought i'd be a binkie pusher, but also never thought i'd have twins. after a month in the nicu, they're hooked, and i have to admit, they're helping me maintain some semblance of sanity.

diapers... well, it goes without saying, right? but i have to say, pampers swaddlers win hands down over huggies, which have leaked every time i've used them. far more preferable are our cloth diapers, and my faves so far are very baby - thanks, Miriam!

people who help! ha, ha... i've never been so eager to say YES to offers for help. i've been so lucky to have an amazing core of supporters, and every day i thank my lucky stars for them and for a very generous fellow twin mama, who has been dropping off bags of wonderful food every week. there are a host of others who, between their delicious foods, visits, and baby clothes gifts, have made such a difference! from afar, emails and cards welcoming the boys and offering moral support have been so touching and wonderful.

ok, babies waking - gotta go!!


  1. I always preferred Pampers. But then again he was allergic to everything else. But when we did try them (when we found out he was allergic) everything, especially huggies, leaked BAD.

    Thinking of you :D

  2. my twins were addicted to the binkies from the NICU for the longest time...then one day, neither wanted them.

    Glad to hear you are settling in and that you have help...

  3. S was a paci lover fromt he NICU.; The others not too much, but I was certain S would be the 6 yo with one in her mouth. Than one day she just quit. So don't find the paci they like on sale and stock up. Then you have a bunch that no one wants.

    Glad the VBs are working. I loved them and want more for future babes.

  4. I loved my back pillow too! It was great when I was on bed rest and especially wonderful when Eleanor was a newborn.

    I liked very baby's too, but it's the only cloth diaper she ever had a blow out in. Maybe her little legs were too skinny, who knows.