Tuesday, September 30, 2008

catching up, part 1

10/16/08 How could it be that 2 weeks have already passed? I guess it's a sign of the times, and a sign of things to come, that I haven't had time to email or post anything here for so long. I've had such poignant thoughts in my head for marking the milestones that came upon us like rain these past 14 days, but attending to the boys, and once in a while myself, made taking such time impossible.... I'm going to try to post about these significant dates in the days to come. Here's the first:

Milestone - 40 weeks - October 2, 2008

Release the Stars

Today marks 40 weeks gestational age for Shoghi and Maxwell - their official estimated due date. We have been together since January 10, 2008, and we've been getting to know each other since.

first ultrasound showing twins.

Way back when I was only a few weeks pregnant, a small group of us tied red strings around our wrists as a symbol of protection for the pregnancy. At the time, the doctors were wondering if the pregnancy would be viable, and it seemed like a gesture to the universe that I intended to carry these babies all the way.

here i am at 31 weeks - a week before they were born...
was i ever this pregnant?

korin, ruby and i on a rare outing on hospital grounds during my time on bedrest

A few days before giving birth to the boys, Korin hosted an intimate birth blessing right in my hospital room. My mother was there, as well as my sister, Korin, and a second friend, Atika. We read all of the blessings from the beads exchanged from my due date group on Mothering, we said prayers and shared wishes and fears. We all tied another red string for a safe birth. (I'll add photos here when I get them from those who attended the blessing)

Well, all these wishes for protection have come to pass - a safe gestation and birth were had, and then a healthy stay in the nicu...

Auntie Laurie & her collection of arm bands

my mom, aka "memere" in the nicu with shoghi

could Max have ever been so small?

...and now that they've been home and reached their full gestational ages, it's time to cut the cord, so to speak.

shoghi and max, first week at home
maxwell & shoghi, 3 days before due date

Tonight, Laurie, Korin and I cut off our bracelets. Mom had cut hers off when the boys came home from the hospital... it feels like these graduated stages of bringing the boys into the world. It was a tearful moment - taking that symbolic step of allowing one stage of protectiveness come to an end. Seeing my two miraculous sons living healthfully in this world of being takes my breath away - I know that as the years go by, layer by layer, I will indeed be releasing them to the influences, the challenges, the triumphs and tests that this life brings. So I make the wish that most parents must make (would that I could say "all parents") -

that my boys find this world to be a kind place,
that they be protected by forces greater than me, that they find joy and friends,
and that they know forever and always how very much they were wanted,
waited for, and cherished, breath by breath, day by day.

May this world receive my children with as much love as went into their creation.


  1. So good to hear from you! What a wonderful milestone for you and the boys. Your beautiful prayer brings tears to my eyes.

  2. Wow, what a wonderful post. Your twins are so loved, and so beautiful. How blessed you all are.

  3. I can only sit in amazement and awe at your ability to put into words what so many feel. the words are beautiful, a reflection of the beauty that is in you. thank you.

  4. That prego picture is beyond beautiful. Thinking about you much.

  5. how exquisite and moving dear celeste!! congratulations on this most recent cause for celebration. kisses to shoghi and max.