Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hapy New Year!

Well, 2008 will have to go down as my best year yet. On January 10th, the boys were conceived, and of course on August 8th, they came into the world. I moved from Pennsylvania to Oregon, spent many weeks visiting family in Massachusetts, and was the grateful recipient of outpourings of love and generosity that defy description. The boys were born early, but have no lasting problems from their prematurity.

Here's to a wonderful year, and an even better one to come. So much gratitude!!

Oh, and by the way, Shoghi and Maxwell both started laughing this week!! Max on 12/26 (for me!) and Shoghi on 12/28 (for Memere). It's still something that only happens once or twice a day (despite much encouragement), so when it's more regular, I'll definitely post a video. It's completely delightful and miraculous.

And here are some little videos, taken since we arrived here in MA.

"you don't look at me, i don't look at you" - a game shog plays with popi whenever he's on his lap.

uh, oh... you know what this means...

max's funny new sound

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a smattering of photos

with great grandparents

max in his sweet new bib from uncle george & aunt chris

max wakes up after a morning nap

shoghi loves playing with this mirror

shoghi lifts his head so high!

max with his stocking contents on christmas morning

Monday, December 22, 2008

text only

Hello from the land of dial-up! Shoghi, Maxwell and I safely arrived in Massachusetts on Wednesday, after a long and harrowing ordeal traveling the 3,000 miles that separate my current home from my childhood one. Harrowing for me - fortunately the babies fared very well through the whole ordeal.

But before I launch into my newly-acquired tips for traveling alone with infant twins post, I just want to get a little caught up on the exciting events effecting other members of my family! (drat! Max just woke up! I'll keep this quick and then hopefully come back with a more complete post later today or tomorrow.)

Laurie was just published in a book! If you know my sweet sister, be sure to visit her blog and congratulate her on this most auspicious event!! She might still have some of the cards that were selected for publishing in her shop.

OK, I have to quickly address Max's hungry tummy or we're going to be in trouble! Sorry for the lack of posting lately - as you'll know if you check out Laurie's post from today, she and I both suffered the losses of our computers last week. Mine is back in Portland, being looked at by a generous friend. We'll see if it's salvageable.

Tata, my friends!

Friday, December 12, 2008

many new things

i just don't have a lot of time to write these days... the boys are changing so fast, and keep me busy from 7am until i finally go to bed at maybe 11pm. right now, i'm especially tired, after two atypically wakeful nights, but i wanted to share some landmarks...

shoghi has finally, finally started socially smiling, and it is completely delightful. now the race is on for who will let out the first laughter. he also spends 20 minutes or so on the playmat, batting at the toys and kicking his legs in excitement. he actually grasped a toy the other day, and i caught the moment! he looks so much like his uncle simon, it's amazing.

i put together the used mountain buggy stroller a few days ago, and it's awesome! so nice to be able to walk without wearing one... don't get me wrong - i wear the boys on and off all day long and love it, but my postpartum body is much changed, and frankly, i hurt all over. i've been taking motrin for days now for my poor, aching joints and muscles.

anyway, love the stroller.

max is starting to get his hair back, and as we all suspected, it won't be red... i'm sure we have two brown-haired boys. he's almost 12 pounds now!! he is such a happy little guy, with cheeks as edible as the shiny red apples they resemble.

i don't know... i had a bunch more composed in my head, but it's all gone now. i've got to do a big nursing update soon, plus we're leaving on tuesday for our big trip east.

Monday, December 8, 2008

just quickly

laurie's got some cute new photos up on flickr!

today's the boy's four month birthday, and i've got to admit it, i have no time for a thoughtful post. maybe after they go to sleep tonight, and after i clean up, make bottles and lact-aids, eat dinner, pay bills and write a couple more birth announcements. can it still be called an announcement four months after the fact???

these cuter-than-cute booties are just one of the many, many handmade
things the boys have at their little finger and toe tips...