Thursday, July 16, 2009

this and that

It's been a busier-than-average week here, since I didn't have my regular days to get stuff done with our nanny. She'll be back tomorrow, and then comes the few days of final prep before my mom flies out to help me travel back East with the boys. We'll be in MA from July 27-August 24, and can't wait to see lots and lots of our family and friends. Facebook has rekindled quite a few old friendships, and I'm excited to get together with these childhood friends while we're on the Cape.

The boys are into everything! We had to duct tape the corners of the stove drawer, and now they both crawl into it. Oy!

The weather here in Portland is quite variable - we had some days that were cool last week, so to keep things interesting, we brought the pool inside. Here they are, in the "not tub"

A rare nap during stroller time...

And I'll have to find and link the older posts that show photos of the boys at the door in various stages of development, but here's the most recent one, now that they are both standing. Notice how much taller Shoghi is than Maxwell!


  1. Oh, that last picture looks ALL TOO FAMILIAR! :D

    Claire is so much taller than Ben I joke that she's going to be mistaken for twins with Isabella! She's got a good 3-4 inches on him most of the time.

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  3. I love the pool in the house. see you soon!

  4. So cute! Max's giant cheeks remind me of Jackson's. Both of their hair looks a little strawberry blond in the light.. esp Max's in the pool pic.

  5. Chantal, are you still blogging? I keep meaning to ask if I can follow, if you are! I miss your little ones!