Friday, July 24, 2009


Oh, thank everything good and holy that we are leaving in a couple of days. I couldn't be more stressed out right now, and I'm hoping that our leave from home will also bring a departure from some of the routines and unknowns that are bringing me down.

Sleep, my friends, continues to be my nemesis. I don't know why I bother struggling with it, either, since for most of my friends, children and sleep is a constant issue. There are those people whose beautiful children sleep perfectly, though, and leave me feeling like a complete failure when it comes to getting a peaceful night for the three of us. I hope that the big time change, plus the disruption in sleep for the travel day, all work in our favor and some clear solution presents itself.

Aside from that (and what could be more fundamental than getting consistent sleep?), it seems like all the basics are breaking down these days - all my personal weaknesses and foibles are being pulled to the fore. Even with my recent success in creating work for myself, I am beyond panicked that it's not going to work, and with no partner to fall back on, I wonder why I am walking this very uncertain path rather than just going out and finding a job. Oh, right... maybe it's NPR telling me every day how impossible it is to find a job.

So, here we go again. I'll let you all know what it's like to travel cross-country with (nearly) 1-year old twins. And then, when I fly back alone with them, we'll see what we can come up with in terms of tips and tricks.

For now, I bid you farewell - we'll see you from the opposite coast.


  1. Oh Celeste. I'm sorry to hear times are challenging for you. Being with family will be a nice relief, I hope. And maybe you can 'reset' the sleep schedules and find some relief there as well. Safe travels to you all... Update when you can!

  2. My son was a terrible sleeper too until around 3, then he got a lot better. He now sleeps through the night, usually about 10 1/2 hours, without waking at all (but he is six years old). Our only issue now is that he sleeps from around midnight to 10 am. I am freelancing only part time, so that's easy, but if he had to get up for school or daycare, it would be more of an issue. As it is, it just interferes with our being able to go to early playdates and such.
    Anyway, have a great trip!

  3. Oh, and as far as the babies who sleep peacefully, I think that most of it is temperatment, because I know of kids who were parented all different ways who are like that. It's usually the younger sibling who is a better sleeper, maybe out of self-defense. :)