Sunday, January 24, 2010

hand me downs

My cheeky little guys wearing Ruby's sweet hand-me downs. It's hard to believe Shoghi's wearing these 24 month overalls while Max is still in the 12 month ones... Ruby was wearing these after we moved here. She seems so much older in these baby/toddler perspectives, but really what's a couple of years? Not much, and Shoghi's a giant!

Does this even make sense? I'm quite tired after sleeping only 2 hours in the past 36. Here's a few snaps of the boys posing in their Ruby-wear.


  1. i love love love that they wear ruby's old stuff. :) they are beyond adorable :D

  2. Those pics are adorable. Why have you only slept 2 hours!!??

  3. love love love hand me downs! great pics, mama! hope you get some rest!