Monday, January 4, 2010

calling it in

Sometimes you just have to call in favors. Yesterday was one of those days. It wasn't a bad day for me, but Max was finally back to his normal goofball self at the same time that poor Shoghi fell under the curse of whatever illness is going around. Laurie pointed out this morning that it seems like the second twin to get sick over here always gets something worse... why is that? Shoghi is burning up with fever and completely lethargic, and poor Max just wanted both of our attention for playing. I asked on facebook (also known as facecrack to those of us who spend most of the day alone with children and feed our desire for connection through our daily postings) if anyone could take Max for a while, and sure enough, soon I had both a friend to take him out and another friend saying she'd bring over dinner. Seriously, how lucky am I??

You know the best part of it? It's when the favor you need ends up making someone else's day better! Here's Korin's post about taking Max and her daughter shopping yesterday.


  1. Very cool! Sorry you had a bad day. I hope Shoghi is feeling better soon.

  2. To have a child is paradise but was gifted with twins?it's a heaven.Hope Shoghi would feel better soon ( it's part of growing up ).This is where your patience being tested and Lucky for you being blessed with good friends ( that hard to come by )You take care of the twins and you take GOOD care of yourselves too...Happy New Year Celeste.